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Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October, 2006

The 2006 Battlefield Division LAN was held in Bendigo, Victoria at the Bendigo Show Grounds. The normal three days of fun, finishing up on Sunday was the plan.

There actually wasn't a lot of BF2 played, but everybody did give Joint Operations and a couple of others a run. Once again, leeching was high on the agenda - Merlin has great collection of music.

One title everybody had a lot of fun playing was Flat Out. It's a motor racing game and the object was to lap quickly. That deteriorated when JohnBoy and Merlin worked out you got a boost bonus for crashing, so crashing then bursts of laughter was the way to go from that point.

We had pizza for tea Friday night and Major Effort cooked a mean BBQ on Saturday. There was plenty of drinks of course, but no one got really too drunk.

We had a guest appearance by Robo (who looks like DSL's long lost brother), but who did not bring his PC along.

While only a few people managed to show up, everybody still had a great time. Although, Hezza might be paying his Mrs back for a while. Leaving her in the hotel room unfed while he played games until the wee hours of the morning was probably not the best decision.

In attendance

- The Heretic
- Bullitmagnet
- Lingus
- Major Effort
- Woobee
- Robo
- JohnBoy
- Merlin
(DF, BF)
(DF, BF)

They said it..

"Leeching ftw!" Bullitmagnet
"I think Effort took a photo every 5 mins lol." JohnBoy
"Bullit may sound big and tough in TeamSpeak but in the real world Steric could take him." Lingus

LAN write up compiled by Major Effort and Camouflage.

The hall Hezza's nub car Bullitmagnet and Merlin arrive The kitchen
All set up for action. The Heretic and Woobee Bullitmagnet builds Lingus's PC The Heretic
Bullitmagnet in battle Major Effort's PC Quick! Need photos
for website
Nighty night for JB
Merlin down for the night Merlin and JB Heretic again Woobee