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Hall of fame

Member Joining date Divisions played in
Camouflage 23/03/2000 Delta Force Battlefield     Medal of Honor  
Snappy 09/12/2000 Delta Force     Joint Operations Medal of Honor  
JB 21/12/2000 Delta Force       Medal of Honor  
DeathStar 15/10/2001 Delta Force          
Xena 28/10/2001 Delta Force          
Cougar 25/08/2002 Delta Force       Medal of Honor  
Sertified 19/04/2003 Delta Force Battlefield     Medal of Honor  
Medic Man 20/04/2003 Delta Force       Medal of Honor  
Merlin 29/10/2003 Delta Force          
Mag58 11/12/2003 Delta Force          
Brains 15/12/2003 Delta Force       Medal of Honor  
ExtRactoR 30/12/2003 Delta Force Battlefield        
Archer 09/04/2004       Joint Operations Medal of Honor  
Ugg 20/05/2004   Battlefield        
GT69 08/06/2004 Delta Force Battlefield        
Snake 11/08/2004       Joint Operations    
Alphabear 17/10/2004   Battlefield Call Of Duty     Star Wars
Stuka 19/11/2004     Call Of Duty      



From the start of 2003, and with the recent growth of the *AUS* Network we have decided to announce a best player and division for each month.

There are a number of things to consider when awarding both the player and division award.

For players they may include:
Attendance, ability, behaviour, community attitude, game play attitude, level of improvement, level of participation in all aspects of their division and *AUS*, leadership skills and of course the players' strength.

For divisions they may include:
The attendance, ability, behaviour, community & game play attitude, improvement and participation levels of their members.  The number of tournament wins, the number which was played in as well as the up keep of the divisions' web site.

Past winners

Month Player Division
August 2005 Fornax (BF) Battlefield
July 2005 Archer (JO) Delta Force
June 2005 Leg (DF) Delta Force
May 2005 Archer (JO) Battlefield
April 2005 EnZym3 (COD) Delta Force
March 2005 Warpy (DF) Joint Operations
February 2005 The Rock (BF) Battlefield
January 2005 Medicare (JO) Delta Force
December 2004 Gunny (JO) Call of Duty
November 2004 CaptTerrific (BF) Vietcong
October 2004 Elmo (COD) Battlefield
September 2004 NakedGun (DF & JO) Vietcong
August 2004 Woobee (BF) Delta Force
July 2004 xyR4nX (JO) Joint Operations
June 2004 Stermite (BF) Call of Duty
May 2004 Xena (DF) Joint Operations
April 2004 DSL (BF) Battlefield
March 2004 Ratty (BF) Delta Force
February 2004 Merlin (DF) Tom Clancy
January 2004 Mr Plow (BF) Vietcong
December 2003 Fate (VC) Battlefield
November 2003 Eldanno (BF & COD) Delta Force
October 2003 Sp00ky (BF) Delta Force
September 2003 SilverBullet (DF) Vietcong
August 2003 Deathmonger (BF) Delta Force
July 2003 JohnBoy (DF) Delta Force
June 2003 Bigbird (BF) Tom Clancy
May 2003 DeathStar (DF) Delta Force
April 2003 Ace (VC) Vietcong
March 2003 Wildcat (VC) Battlefield
February 2003 Straka (BF) Battlefield
January 2003 ICE CaNNoN (DF & VC) Delta Force

Player of the month
Example of the 'Player Of The Month' Award