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Flight Of The Exokryies
Duration: 9m 17s | Views: 1969 | Comments: 4

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Posted by The Rock
i thought the sound track was good.
Posted by Hawkeye
Was very good flying, perhapes a bit too long, from a
personal POV i hate mexicans killing musical
instraments, but it more the well serverd it purpose as
a demo :)
Posted by Venator
good work, it would have been hard to learn to fly like
Posted by Yuzzaa!!!
lol, very nice, the wierd thing is, i was listining to
the video clip of that first piece of music, and
talking with my dad about getting some helicopter
lessons, after which i logged on and saw this.
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Added: 29/08/2004
From: Exocet (1)

Just some quickly FRAPS'd flying in Urban Seige. Cheers to SouLLeSS who recorded it for me.
Channels: Battlefield 
Tags: bf1942  flying  stunts  dc 

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