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Karkand Tube Hax
Duration: 0m 40s | Views: 2553 | Comments: 8

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Posted by Ghost_DC
Nice base. We should have a game some time.
Posted by Sychoshreder
Insane shot!!!
Posted by timahawk
lol nice base, good shot.
Posted by Jay_da_geezer
hahaha nice basey
Posted by GunNugget
I agree, bs hax on that one
Posted by Dward
Posted by Blood_Raven
You freaking hacker!
Posted by Camouflage
Wow, nice!
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Added: 31/12/2009
From: basefield (2)

USMC capped out and the MEC last man standing was capping suburb. I fired a noob tube from square and finished the map.
Channels: Battlefield 

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