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2009 Adelaide Meetup
Duration: 14m 55s | Views: 2513 | Comments: 9

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Posted by Jay_da_geezer
Yeah good vid - LOL'd at enemy tank and the TK respawn
Posted by Medic Man
Hahahah enemy tank spotted.
Posted by Sychoshreder
Awesome stuff!!! Were you guys drinking that Wild
Turkey American Honey??? Bloody good drink!
Posted by Dward
Nice video Cheeky!! Very well made and edited!! plenty
of lols.
Posted by Ghost_DC
My favourite part was when the paintball guy says "are
you filming?"
Posted by Helo
Great movie Cheek, Dward. That failed pickup was
hilarious. Good work.
Posted by Dward
Posted by Shakezulau
Who came up with the idea of running out of petrol? :p
Posted by systemlord1701
nice vid cheek well done. lots of lols in there
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Added: 23/12/2009
From: Ghost_DC (3)

Dward's and Cheek's adventures as they venture beyond the Victorian border.
Channels: General 
Tags: bf2  Adelaide  meetup  paintball  victoria  dward  cheek 

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