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Cap Out
Duration: 4m 21s | Views: 2605 | Comments: 9

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Posted by PinkFloyd
cheek that is the funniest bf2 vid i have EVER seen
Posted by Camouflage
Would have loved to see in the ingame chat going on,
Posted by Dward

Love it mate!
Posted by Jay_da_geezer
Posted by Princez0r
Indeed, cheers for the laugh mate.
Posted by FatC0ntr0ller
Gold mate, lots of laughs and love the choice of music.
Posted by Ghost_DC
In the game there was actually 4 of me, but when i
frapsed you could only see 2. Must have been something
to do with the framerate.
Posted by Templepilots
That is funny as.... LOL cloned!! Good vid cheek!
Nicely cut and edited... Wonder what would have
happened if you were running around like that once you
got out of the water.
Posted by Kopperheadnick
Fkn lol ! That's gold.
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Added: 07/07/2009
From: Ghost_DC (3)

A while back I was bored so I played a round of Sharqi inf and went commander, this is what happened over the course of the round. I thought it was the funniest round I ever had, so I made a movie about it.
Channels: Battlefield 
Tags: bf2 

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