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Gamespace 2008
Duration: 11m 59s | Views: 3111 | Comments: 10

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Posted by timahawk
Great vid Temple! Love the part I kept getting C4 on
rollout lol

Good chopper kills too!
Posted by Psykar
Great vid all up!

You got my knife kill
in, so I'm happy :P
Posted by Sychoshreder
Dude i know what it takes to make one of those videos
and with the angles, recording and editing that is the
finest fucking work I've seen dude!!!
/> Good shit man, thouroughly enjoyed it and it's
going to the archive as part of GS's victory last
Posted by Dward
Yeah nice video Temple, love the music and awesome
camera work!!
Posted by Kopperheadnick
Nice vid Temple!
Posted by Storieman
Very well done mate. That was 30 hours well spent and
the choice of music was great.
Posted by Mr_AussieDevil
Great work temple!!

Sooo many memories
of early on in the season in that footage.
Posted by Jay_da_geezer
Posted by Noswill
Great vid man - enjoyed it.
Posted by Lord_Barra
nice mate
I wasnt sure if it was a horror film
or something for the first half of it... tooooo many
choppers blowing up for my liking. :p
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Added: 26/01/2009
From: Templepilots (1)

Hey guys I have been working on a vid for GS for the past 40 hours... I couldn't sleep till it was finished... Hope you enjoy...
Channels: Battlefield 
Tags: bf2  gamespace  final 

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