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*AUS* vs Sniper
Duration: 2m 47s | Views: 2846 | Comments: 13

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Posted by Sychoshreder
Posted by heffOlump
Shortest, Funniest video of the year..OMFG spooky
couldnt control himself, and base... I would have
laughed soooo hard.
Posted by KustoM-Kill3R
nice one boys
Posted by ExtRactoR
That's the single most funniest thing i have seen to
date in bf2.
Posted by DarKnight
ahhh that was gold!
Posted by Lord_Barra
Good work lads thats GOLD.
Posted by Trenty
lol nice work guys so funny.
Posted by indorat
boys you made me laugh hard...4 bodies teabagging an
alive enemy sniper hahaha!
Posted by Mr_AussieDevil

Posted by WolfSabre
Posted by (ironchef)spook
That was some funny shit. Can't believe he let me chase
him with my knife while you guys were humpn through the
boonies trying to find him.
Posted by Schofield
I'm glad I stayed up late lol.
Posted by dw_rick
Awesome. Nice one guys :)
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Added: 03/11/2007
From: GT69 (1)


Channels: Battlefield 
Tags: bf2  sniper  nub  knife  pubbing 

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