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Oh Snap!
Duration: 1m 12s | Views: 2714 | Comments: 9

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Posted by Blood_Raven
What a fluke! That's one hell of a way to end a match
basefield, good one...minus the porno music lol.
Posted by Micky
nice shot. good reg hey?
Posted by FatC0ntr0ller
very nice...
Posted by Ugg
yep.. a true "money shot".
Posted by Lord_Barra
Hey thats a nice shot! Bet that guy would have been
calling hax.
Posted by a_CHIC
LOL.. That was a classic shot, I saw you shoot it off.
Posted by JBar
Nice shot. Love the porno music.
Posted by Sychoshreder
HAX!!!! Nah man nice shot!
Posted by systemlord1701
heheheh 1 in a million.
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Rating (0 votes): Not rated
Added: 20/09/2007
From: basefield (2)

The scenario: *AUS* has pounded AUD into the ground and capped them out. Whilst the dust settles one small red dot remains on UAV in the distance...
Channels: Battlefield 
Tags: bf2  tow 

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