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Gamearena Season 2 Grand Final
Duration: 14m 0s | Views: 2748 | Comments: 13

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Posted by dw_rick
That's an awesome vid, tight game that's for damn sure.
Posted by Woobee
Gosh, a very slick movie! Very well done indeed Barra,
the time you've put into it shows in the excellent
pacing and camera work. Controversial plot device there
though, having the bad-guys win.
Posted by RedTracer
Quality stuff mate.
If only I could banish the
bad memories!
Posted by ExtRactoR
Great vid Barra.
Posted by indorat
Well done barra....nice vid
Posted by a_CHIC
That was AWESOME !!

Well done Brra,
very good & professional video !!
Posted by nikstein
That was awesome, nice work barra.
Posted by mitch_b2000
Barra, you have outdone yourself man, awesome movie,
you should be proud.
Posted by Steric
Ouch the pain re-enters the body.
Good job
though Barra.
Posted by Blacky
loved it but it hurt and i almost cryed
Posted by Micky
well done. good watch that one, even if the result
wasn't the best
Posted by keagle
cool great work barra
Posted by basefield
That was excellent. Very well produced... definitely
worth the wait.

Nice work Barra.
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Added: 18/05/2007
From: Lord_Barra (1)

*AUS* face off against <|3FSJ|> in the Gamearena Season 2 Grand Final on Strike at Karkand. It has the Harry and Momo shotcast running over the top.
Channels: Battlefield 
Tags: bf2  3fsj  gamearena  final  karkand  cast  achievements  match 

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