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*AUS* Wars Ep2
Duration: 5m 29s | Views: 2269 | Comments: 8

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Posted by Gollum
Well done mate, nice video !!!!
Posted by Woobee
Heh, good fun. I had a laugh. Nice one Pdiddy.
Posted by Steric
woooooo i got mentioend in the credits and i only thing
i had to do, was to get tk woooo.
Posted by huskie69
Very good. had me smiling. The voice overs always add
alot more for the smile factor. Great work Pdart!
Posted by Mr_AussieDevil
haha nice!!
I can sooo see corpse driving a
truck like that in real life and yelling at people to
get outta his way... LOL.
Posted by The_Heretic*
That was even better than the first one.
Posted by Parapirate
What Sabre said especailly the mash music on the little
bird doing loops. Makes me want to play SF again though
may have to find out why it won't go.
Posted by Sabre
Nice one mate....too bad you kept getting
killed...great voice match up with
music too.
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Added: 14/06/2006
From: P0iS0NdaRt (3)

BF2 Special Forces video with *AUS*. Also the new Armored Fury, Enjoy =)
Channels: Battlefield 
Tags: bf2  special  forces  armored  fury 

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